Rajiv Lodhia

Backend Web Developer

Developing in HTML , CSS , PHP , Java , C# , .NET

About Me

Hi, I’m Rajiv.

I like creating new things and solving old problems through code, which is why I did a computer science degree. For the duration of my degree, I was working part time as web developer and still managed to get a first class. After working in London for a nationwide digital agency for 2 years, I decided to go self employed.

Born in Malaysia and now based in Kent, UK – I’m a software developer keen to learn and open to all sorts of different technologies and languages.

My Portfolio

Wordpress Websites

This is some of the main work I did during my part time employment with Business Optimizer. Setting up and developing WordPress websites for small local businesses in the US. Along with the sites themselves, I helped develop a custom theme and plugin to speed up the development of websites.


  • Fully responsive
  • Easily switchable headers and footers
  • Custom written content


  • Manage the development of each site
  • Go through a testing and quality control process
  • Task out and delegate different aspects of the development process
Wordpress Sites
Greenwich Carpool System

Greenwich Carpool

A fully responsive web application built with PHP. Users can find people who travel the same route as them to carpool with, or they can post their own route for people can respond to.


  • Search functionality with sorting/filtering
  • Pagination is used when displaying search results
  • Users can upload multiple pictures with a post
  • Users can edit and delete their own posts
  • Fully responsive with Bootstrap


  • Conduct proper blackbox testing
  • Self teach/research aspects of PHP that weren’t taught
  • Ensure the application conformed to EU data and privacy laws
  • Plan and setup the database properly

Coach Holiday Booking System

A big group project built with C# and ASP.NET. The system shows available coach trips that logged in users are able to book and choose seats. This project was meant to teach development within a team with proper delegation and organisation.


  • Basic accounts functionality
  • Book coach trips and manage bookings
  • Leave reviews for trips that a user has booked
  • Fully responsive with Bootstrap


  • Organise and lead the development team for this project
  • Communicate well with the design and documentation teams
  • Make important decisions for the development of the system
Coach Travelling System
AdminPanel For Train Management System

Train Route Finding System

A two part system consisting of an admin control panel built with Visual Studio Windows Forms (C#) and a front end application with ASP.NET and C# for users to find the shortest train routes. The point of this system was to join the two applications together with a web service between the applications and database.


  • Handle data in a way that suits the Dijkstra’s algorithm implementation
  • Applications contact the web service instead of the database directly
  • Admins can set up new train stations, train lines and connections through the admin panel
  • Users can find the shortest route for them through the front end user application


  • Learn how to use the MVC Entity Framework add-on
  • Understand the cross platform communication between applications

Student Registration System

A responsive C# and ASP.NET web-based project where users would be able to register their children for an online learning system and then pay for the service per child or all at once. The payment system is only simulated so no actual payment methods were implemented. This was a two part project where someone else developed the second part and we had to join them together at the end.


  • Users can register one or more children to the system
  • Displays all children in a dynamic table and shows if the child has been paid for
  • Basic accounts functionality (create account, login and logout)
  • Fully responsive with Bootstrap


  • Plan and setup the database properly for the system’s requirements
  • Communicate with the other developer to make sure both parts were developed in the same way
Learning Online Spoof Payment System
Personal Activity Monitor Design

Personal Activity Monitor App UI/UX Design

As opposed to my other projects, this one focuses entirely on the UI/UX design of a proposed application. I had to design the both main dashboard and the “New Goal” page. The end product was created using pure HTML and CSS to demonstrate my final design. Since this is only a design, none of the features are functional.


  • Research different personal activity monitor app designs
  • Back up design decisions with interface design theory and secondary research
  • Develop several personas
  • Develop two sets of low-level prototypes using Axure prototyping software
  • Develop the chosen final design using HTML and CSS

Simple Aeroplane Dashboard

This was a project built with Java and JavaBeans primarily to learn the concept of creating and using components properly. Each dashboard gauge is a separate JavaBean component and reacts when an XML script is run. This project was also done with a random teammate to learn pair programming.


  • The components created are reusable
  • Very simple moving graphics
  • Uses XML to determine how the gauges move and react
  • The gauges’ starting points are settable with input fields


  • To work in a pair and pair-program effectively
  • To organise and write commented code that both programmers can understand
Airplane Dashboard

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