Rajiv Lodhia

Full Stack Developer

My name is Rajiv. I love writing code, building software and solving problems with a modern touch. Learning and applying new tech to old problems has got to be one my favourite parts of this industry.

About Me
It's Rajiv Lodhia

About Me

I am a software engineer with a strong background in web development. My passion for software started way back in school when decided to try modding games, and I've loved it ever since. Fast forward to today and I still try my best to keep myself informed on modern software-related trends and self-teach in my spare time.

I'm always seeking new opportunities and challenges - eager to contribute to ambitious projects alongside innovative, creative minds. In doing so, I hope to use my unique skillset to make the world a better place.

Recent Projects

KeepGoing Project

Keep Going


A habit tracking web app that aims to help users build and maintain new, good habits. The app is designed to be simple, and encouraging for the user to keep their habits going with satisfying design and animations.

Chxngelog Project



A platform for developers to create, manage and share changelogs for their projects. The idea is to centralise the changelog writing process and remove the need to manually update changelogs in multiple places.

PawifyAI Project

Pawify AI


An e-commerce platform that sells custom AI-generated art of your pets, with an aim to upsell physical products such as canvases and posters. It allows users to upload sevaral photos of their pets and choose from a variety of art styles to generate their custom art.

Review Handout Project

Review Handout


A web app for businesses to generate and manage handouts to give to their customers explaining how to leave a Google review. It's designed to be as simple as possible for business owners to manage and for customers to understand.


A diverse set of technical experience in both frontend and backend.

My goal is to keep expanding my knowledge as technology changes, and grow together with the industry. With years of experience writing in PHP for WordPress and Drupal projects, I decided to expand my skillset and learn fullstack development with React and NextJS.

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